Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can go on each boat?

A. We have boats for groups of up to 3 people with trips starting at $575. Boats for groups of up to 4 people starting at $1,000. As well as boats for groups of up to 6 people starting at $1,100.

Is the price per person?

No, the price is for the boat not per person.

Where do we meet, and what time?

We depart from the public dock at 1800 Dana Landing Rd., San Diego, CA 92109. Between 7-8 a.m. is a normal departure time, however your captain can set a time to fit your needs, or if the conditions are better at a certain time this is flexible. It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Is lunch included?

Food is not included. All of our boats have a cooler with ice and bottled water on every charter. You can purchase a fresh sandwich from Dana Landing Deli when you get your license if you would like.

Can we bring beer?

You can bring beer, cans are best on the boat and bottles are frowned on. Your captain can terminate your trip at any time if he feels safety is at risk.

Is it all catch and release?

Yes, ALL shark trips are strictly catch and release.

When is the best time of year to catch a shark?

San Diego has year round shark fishing. We catch makos in the warm months May - Oct. and blue sharks in the cooler months Nov. - March.

Do we catch anything else besides sharks?

On a shark fishing charter it is almost always just sharks because of the techniques we use and areas we fish.

How often do you catch a shark/ how many in an average day?

We capture sharks on 90% of our full day charters. 3 to 5 in an 8-9 hour day is average and they are normally 40 to 150 lbs.

What should we wear for clothing?

Always bring layers, a windbreaker or sweatshirt is nice for the ride.

Should we bring a cooler?

Please do not bring a cooler. Each boat has a cooler for your food and drinks.

Do we need to bring rods/ gear?

All your gear is included. You can bring gear if you like, let your captain know if you are bringing your own gear.

What can be done to avoid seasickness?

Avoid overindulging the night before the charter. Dramamine or Bonine (over the counter)are a good bet the night before and the morning of your trip. The best results I have seen are from a prescription patch, or a pill called Scopace. You must consult your family doctor for these.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds. The trip is paid in full before the boat leaves the dock. If you book a trip and can’t make it we require a 30 day notice to reuse your deposit. You have a year from the original charter date to re book your trip.